Return And Refund

Refund Policy

Sculpting, especially when the subject is a human, is a very subjective process. Our specially-trained artists find distinguishing characteristics and accentuate those to create a likeness, We provide proofs that will allow you the ability to ensure that the sculpting and painting are, during these steps revisions can be made to ensure high similarity and quality of products.

Refunds Before Shipping

Bestfacegift offers a "No questions asked“money-back guarantee that is valid during the creation process of your custom figurine. This means that you can cancel your order anytime after pre-shipping. In order to avoid non-serious orders, a cancellation fee of 40% will be deducted from the payment you made when ordering. The refund will be refunded to your payment account, with a processing time of 7-10 working days (depending on the bank's processing speed). This refund policy does not apply to bulk orders. In case you order more than one custom doll, the prototype (first sample) will be treated in accordance with our "No questions asked" money-back guarantee, however, after the approval of the prototype by the customer, no more refunds are possible for the complete bulk order.

Refunds After Shipping

During the product design process, we will provide proofing email service for all customers, and if necessary, I will provide multiple revision services to ensure customer satisfaction with the product.
Since bobbleheads are customized products, once the bobblehead is produced, we will not be able to be sold for the second time, applicable laws don’t require us to accept returns or grant refunds. So once the products are shipped, we do not support refunds. If you need a refund for special reasons, you must contact our customer service first, we do not accept a unilateral refund and return service.

Damages During Shipping

Our bobblehead dolls are very well-packed, and damages during shipping rarely occur. However, if this happens to you(within 7 days based on the original delivery date of your package), we will provide you with a replacement doll free of charge. In order to utilize the shipping insurance, we kindly ask our customers to open the parcels in the presence of the person making the delivery. Please file a report with this person in case of any damage and please email with the order number and photos of the damaged Bobblehead.
Our factory will remake the same one for you after receiving the photographic proof of the damage. And still will provide proofing mail to get your confirmation. The replacement Bobblehead will be shipped to you within 20 business days.

Bobblehead Changes

Please note: Our products provide a 48-hour free proofing service, and multiple free revisions can be provided during the proofing period.
Due to the special process of Bobblehead, once the product is baked and shaped, it cannot be modified. If you must request modification, it means that we need to redesign the product. We will charge the following fees, please understand.

Wrong Product From Warehouse

Due to the negligence of the warehouse staff, you have received the bobblehead of others’ orders.

Please contact us at within 72 hours and attach the pictures and information of the bobblehead, our customer service staff will be happy to help you.

You can choose one of the following solutions:

1: Return and redo: We will provide you with our return address and bear the return shipping costs. And we will remake your order.

2: Return and refund: We will provide you with our return address and bear the return shipping cost. After you send the package, we will refund 100% to you.

Return address: B607, Niulanqian Building, Minzhi Avenue, Minzhi Sub-District, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China

Consignee: Wang Fengfei   

TEL: Tel: +86 185 6953 4970

You can also confirm other return information through our customer service email, thank you.